Fire extinguishers are important devices that are generally placed in locations where they can easily be accessed in case a fire breaks out. They are the first line of defense and can prevent a fire from spreading and burning out of control. Keeping a fire under control gives you the chance to get out of the building safely.

It is extremely important to have fire extinguishers serviced and inspected on a regular basis. You can perform a visual inspection on your fire extinguishers yourself to see if there is any rust or dents on the extinguisher. If there are, you may need to replace the extinguisher or have it inspected.

Most businesses are required to have a specific number of fire extinguishers on hand in order to comply with insurance regulations. If the equipment has any loose parts or the materials inside of the extinguisher are outdated, this can affect the performance of the extinguisher.

Most fire regulations, according to OSHA, require that fire extinguishers be inspected at least once per year. At least once every six years a fire extinguisher must be dismantled and inspected closely for damage. At this point the O ring and gaskets should be replaced and the fire extinguisher should be recharged.

Fire extinguishers do eventually go out of date. You need to ensure that you have up-to-date equipment in order to comply with local fire regulations. If a fire were to break out, you need to be able to rely upon your equipment. The best way to ensure that the equipment is reliable is with regular inspection.

If you purchase fire extinguishers from Clarey’s Safety Equipment, you can also purchase a maintenance contract from us and get a great deal on it. With a maintenance contract on your fire extinguishers, you can expect to have fire suppression equipment that is in good working order and is ready when it is needed.

Your fire extinguisher should have a metal head and should also have a pressure gauge. A visual inspection once per month will show you if the pressure is correct. If not, you may need to have the fire extinguisher serviced or replaced. Lower cost fire extinguishers that have a plastic head and no pressure gauge are usually not meant for long term use over about two years.