Class A & Class B Fire Fighting Foams for the Workplace

We Offer 4 Different Types of Fire Foam

Clarey’s Safety Equipment sells all different types of fire fighting foam for fire suppression purposes including Silvex Class A Foam, 3% Ansulite AFFF Foam, 6% Ansulite AFFF Foam, and 3-6% Ansulite ARC AFFF Foam.

Low, Medium or High Expansion

Most of the Foams we supply are low-expansion foams which are low-viscosity, mobile and are able to cover large areas in a very quick manor. If you are looking for a medium or high expansion foam, our Silvex Class A Foam is the way to go!
Firefighting Foam

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Take a look at some of our competitors and you will see that Clarey’s offers their fire foam products at a lower rate than the average! Why pay more for a product from a different supplier when Clarey’s offers it at a better price!?

History – Selling Since 1968

Clarey’s Safety Equipment has been in the fire equipment and safety supplies industry for over 4 decades. We are a trusted supplier and strive for the delivery of excellence in the products we provide to our customers.

Silvex Plus Class A Foam

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3% Ansulite AFFF Foam

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6% Ansulite AFFF Foam

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3-6% Ansulite ARC AFFF Foam

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