With fire safety grants, fire departments across the nation can fund the equipping and training of emergency responders, enhance efficiency, and build resilience within the community. Continue reading to learn about the grants available at the state and national level.

Nationwide Grants

Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program:

This astounding program grants critically needed funds and resources to emergency responders for training, equipping, and efficiency.

Firehouse Subs Foundation:

This foundation provides funding, resources, and equipment to fire departments nationwide to better prepare emergency responders to save lives and protect their communities.

Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program: Through this program’s funding, rural fire departments can provide their communities with essential services.

Statewide Grants

Firehouse Subs Foundation- Minnesota:

Like this foundation does nationwide, they provide Minnesota fire departments with the lifesaving equipment and resources needed to save lives and protect the communities they serve.

Minnesota DNR Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program:

This matching grant program provides financial and technical assistance to Minnesota fire departments in cities or communities with a population under 10,000. They aim to save lives and protect properties in rural areas.

Otto Bremer Trust Grant: This charitable trust grants funds to fire departments across the state to support a better quality of life for people in our region.