This Joint Powers was established to support the concept of shared services and to enhance interoperability across the fire service in the metro area (Minnesota).  By using the same equipment and by establishing standards for care and maintenance any participating department can have confidence that the goals of safety and interoperability are being met.

Since its inception this JPA has now expanded beyond the original participants and expanded through out the state of Minnesota. The intent is to continue to add categories that align with these core concepts stated above.  This JPA through partnership with its suppliers has created pricing which is contingent on complying with all aspects of the JPA including City Council Resolution, care and maintenance requirements and reporting in order to take advantage of the pricing.

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SCBA Equipment Suppliers

Clarey’s Safety Equipment and 3M Scott Fire & Safety are proud to be the suppliers of Scott SCBA equipment for the JPA. If you are not currently a member of this organization and would like additional information; please contact us or the JPA directly via the web site link posted above.