Do you know how to properly use a ladder to avoid injury?

We know you may think ladder safety is just common sense, but ladders are involved in a shocking number of injuries each year. Here is how you can stay safe when using a ladder in the workplace:

Select the Right Ladder for the Job

  • Only use a ladder in the way it was designed.
  • Choose the ladder with a greater load rating than the combined weight of yourself and the items you may carry with you on the ladder.

Inspect the Ladder Before Using

If you find a defect on a ladder, mark it with DANGER-DO NOT USE until the ladder is removed from the workplace and repaired or destroyed.

Set Up the Ladder with Care

  • Make sure your ladder is placed on a level surface where it will not slip.
  • Make sure spreaders or other locking devices are in place.

Climb and Descend Ladders Carefully

  • Always face the ladder when climbing.
  • Always maintain three points of contact.

Use Safe Practices When Working on a Ladder

  • Do not overreach on a ladder. An excellent way to ensure you follow this rule is to keep your belt buckle between the side rails.
  • Do not attempt to reposition a ladder when you are on it.
  • Do not place a ladder in front of a door.

Using a ladder may be like second nature to you. Although it seems simple, there is much room for life-threatening errors. Next time you are preparing to step onto a ladder, remember these rules so that you can avoid injury.