First Aid Certification Training Courses in Minnesota

More than 350,000 individuals suffer from cardiac arrest each year in the United States. On average, 15 workers die each day in the U.S. from traumatic injuries and more than four million workers suffer a nonfatal injury or illness each year.

In the U.S., about one-third of all injuries and 20 percent of injury deaths occur at home. For every home injury death there are about 650 nonfatal home injuries.

These are just a few of the reasons we take first aid training very seriously at Clarey’s Safety Equipment. What is the basis behind our first aid training program? Simply giving you the knowledge and confidence that you need in order to respond properly and effectively to a life threatening situation.

Our training classes are offered not only to businesses and their employees, but also to famiies that want the proper first aid training for the home environment. Below you can find some of the different First Aid training classes that our trained professional staff teaches on a regular basis.

BasicPlus – G2010

MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus is a combined adult CPR, AED and first aid training program designed specifically for the occupational first aid provider. This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work.

CarePlus – G2010

MEDIC First Aid CarePlus is a combined adult, child and infant CPR and AED program designed specifically for persons who are occupationally required or just desire to have CPR and AED knowledge and skills.

PediatricPlus – G2010

MEDIC First Aid PediatricPlus CPR, AED and First Aid for Children, Infants and Adults provides an ideal training solution for schools, child care providers, youth sports coaches and others required to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace training program teaches the information every employee who has occupational exposure needs to know to avoid accidental exposure to potentially infectious materials and to manage an accidental exposure if one occurs.

Oxygen First Aid

Oxygen First Aid for Emergencies is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency oxygen to a suddenly ill or injured patient until more advanced medical help can be obtained.

Child & Infant Supplement

Child/Infant CPR and AED Supplement is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a cardiac arrest emergency for children and infants.

Sign up today for our First Aid Training Courses by giving Clarey’s a call at 800-558-8009, by visiting their Rochester, Minnesota location or by signing up online!