We Recommend the Following Companies & Services

Able 2 Products (Sho-Me)Manufacturer of Emergency Lighting and Warning Equipment.
Arco Building SystemsSupplier of Roofing Construction Tools and Equipment.
Aearo Technologies (E-A-R)Manufacturer of Hearing Protectors.
A.H. Stock Mfg. Corp.Manufacturer of Newton Dump Valves & Chutes.
Ajax Tool Works, Inc.Manufacturer of Air Tools.
Akron BrassManufacturing of Industrial and Fire Department Nozzles, Lighting, Electrical Reels, Hand Tools and More.
All American Hose LLCManufacturer of Industrial and Fire Department Hoses.
Allegro IndustriesManufacturer of Respiratory Equipment, Ventilators, Confined Space Equipment and Related Industrial Safety Equipment Products
Aluminum Ladder Company (Alco-Lite)Manufacturer of Fire & Industrial Ladders.
AmbuManufacturer of CPR Products and Training Equipment.
Angus Fire Armour Corp/KiddeManufacturer of Firefighting Hose, Hose Connection Hardware, Firefighting Foam and Firefighting Equipment.
Annin FlagManufacturer of American, State and Specialty Flags.
Ansul CorporationManufacturer of Firefighting Foam Products.
Apache Hose & Belting, Inc.Manufacturer of Specialty Hose, Belting and Couplings.
BacharachManufacturer of Hazardous Gas Detection Equipment.
Badger Fire ProtectionManufacturer of Fire Extinguishers and Residential Escape Ladders.
Bayco Products Inc.Manufacturer of Nightstick LED Flashlights.
BenchmarkManufacturer of Arc and Flame Resistant Clothing.
Biosystems Inc.Manufacturer of SCBA Testing Equipment.
Black DiamondManufacturer of Fire Fighter Boots
Blackinton Badge CompanyManufacturer of Badges, Name Bars and Uniform Insignias.
Boston Leather, Inc.Manufacturer of Leather Firefighter’s Accessories.
Brady CorporationManufacturer of Informational and Warning Signs and Labels.
BRK BrandsManufacturer of Smoke and CO Detectors.
Bullard CompanyManufacturer of Fire Helmets and Hard Hats.
Butco Inc.Manufacturer of Confined Space and Rescue Equipment.
C & R IndustriesManufacturer of Portable Water Tanks, Storage Bags & Salvage Tarps.
C & S SupplyManufacturer of Nozzles, Forestry Products & Assorted Waterflow Accessories.
Cardiac ScienceManufacturer of Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED)
Carpenter Emergency LightsManufacturer of Emergency Exit Lighting Products.
Certified Safety ManufacturingManufacturer of First Aid Supplies.
Cestusline, IncManufacturer of Industrial and Extrication Gloves.
Checkers Industrial, Inc.Manufacturer of Wheel Chocks and Hose Bridges.
Chums LTDManufacturer of Eye Glass Retainers and Accessories.
Circle-D LightsManufacturer of Lighting Products and Electrical Junction Boxes.
Class 1Manufacturer of Fire Apparatus Gauges and Monitoring Devices.
CMC Rescue, Inc.Manufacturer and Distributor of Rope and Rescue Equipment.
Code 3Manufacturer of Warning Lights and Sirens.
Compliance Poster CompanyManufacturer of Regulatory Posters.
Con-Space CommunicationsManufacturer of Confined Space Communications Equipment.
Cortina Tool & Molding Co.Manufacturer of Warning Equipment.
CustomFIRE Apparatus, Inc.Manufacturer of Fire Apparatus and Rescue Squads.
Cutter’s EdgeManufacturer of Rescue Saws and Accessories.
David Clark Company, Inc.Manufacturer of Intercom Systems.
DBI Sala/ProtectaManufacturer of Fall Protection Equipment.
DenkoManufacturer of Firefighting Foam and Water Additives.
Diamond Rubber Products CompanyManufacturer of Rubber Hose Ramps and Bridges.
Dicke Safety ProductsManufacturer of Warning Equipment for Work Areas and Emergency Traffic Control Zones.
Dragon FireManufacturer of Hand Protection for First Responders.
Duo Safety Ladder Corp.Manufacturer of Fire Ladders and Pike Poles.
Eagle ManufacturingManufacturer of Containment, Liquid Handling, Accountability, Waste Management and Safety Storage Products.
Edwards & Cromwell Distributor of Hazardous Material Tools and Spill Containment Equipment
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.Manufacturer of Nozzles and Water Transfer Equipment.
Equipment Management Company, Inc.Distributor of Genesis Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Air Bags and Rescue Equipment.
ErgodyneManufacturer of Ergomonic Supplies including Gloves, Back Supports, Wrist Supports and Related Equipment
Euramco Safety (Ramfan)Manufacturer of Ventilating Equipment.
EVAC Systems Fire & RescueManufacturer of Storage Bags for Respirators, Hose and Assorted Equipment
FalltechManufacturer of Fall Protection.
Federal Signal Corp.Manufacturer of Lightbars and Vehicle Warning Equipment Products.
Fire Hooks Unlimited, Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighting Tools.
FireCraft Safety ProductsManufacturer of TrACer Voltage Detector.
Firequip, Inc.Manufacturer of Fire and Industrial Hose and Accessories.
Fire Innovations, LLCManufacturer of Fire Safety Belts, Tethers and Accessories.
Fire ResearchManufacturer of Fire Apparatus and Fire Ground Products.
FlameFighter CorporationManufacturer of Quality Fire Fighting Equipment Since 1988.
Fol-Da-Tank CompanyManufacturer of Folding Water Tanks, Strainers and Salvage Tarps.
Fotolum, Inc.Manufacturer of Luminescent Products.
Fountainhead GroupManufacturer of Grass Fire Water Tanks and Pumps.
Gemtor, Inc.Manufacturer of Belts, Harnesses and Specialty Equipment.
Golfire, Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighter Retention Supplies.
Grace Industries, Inc.Manufacturer of Personal Distress Equipment (PASS Alarms).
Groves, Inc.Manufacturer of Storage Equipment for Firefighting Equipment.
Guardian Fall ProtectionManufacturer of Fall Protection Equipment.
Hannay & SonsManufacturer of Reels for Fire Fighting and Industrial Applications.
Harris Industries, Inc.Manufacturer of Warning Tape and Supplies.
Havis ShieldsManufacturer of Kwik-Raze Fire Apparatus Lighting and Warning Equipment
Haws Drinking Faucet Co.Manufacturer of Showers and Eye Wash Stations.
Head Lites CorporationManufacturer of Reflective Trim.
Health & Safety InstituteEmergency Response, Care and Safety Training.
Hebert Hose ClampsManufacturer of Large and Small Diameter Hose Clamps.
Hydra-Shield Manufacturing Inc.Manufacturer of Water Transfer Equipment.
Imperial Fire Hose Co./Kidde.Manufacturer of Fire and Industrial Hose.
InnotexManufacturer of Firefighter Turnout Gear, Hoods and Gloves.
Insta-ChainManufacturer of Automatic Tire Chains.
Jackson SafetyManufacturer of Warning Signs for Business, Highway and Industry.
J.E. Weinel, Inc. (Rock-n-Rescue)Manufacturer of Rope and Rescue Equipment.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Producer of Training Materials.
J.L. IndustriesManufacturer of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets.
JLW-Miller PeerlessManufacturer of Water Pump Tanks.
Junkin Safety ApplianceManufacturer of Stretchers and Rescue Baskets.
Kappler USAManufacturer of Protective Clothing for Fire and Industrial Applications.
Kendall Products, Inc. (Dri-Deck)Manufacturer of Compartment and Floor Matting.
Kinco International, Inc.Manufacturer of Industrial Gloves.
Kochek CompanyManufacturer of Adapters, Strainers and Dry Hydrants.
Kussmaul Electronics Co.Manufacturer of Vehicle Battery Maintenance Equipment.
Kwik-Raze (Havis-Shields)Manufacturer of Fire Apparatus Lighting Equipment.
Lakeland Industries, Inc.Manufacturer of Industrial Safety Apparel.
Lawrence FactorManufacturer of Air Compressor Parts and Supplies.
Life-SaferManufacturer of Water Rescue Equipment.
Lowell CorporationManufacturer of Ratchet Hydrant Wrenches.
MC ProductsManufacturer of Water and Foam Level Gauges for Fire Apparatus.
Medic First Aid InternationalProducer of CPR and First Aid Training Supplies.
Mentor Hose RampsManufacturer of Hose Bridges.
MN Mining & Mfg.Manufacturer of Respiratory Equipment.
Modern Metal ProductsManufacturer of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets.
Natale Machine & Tool Co. (Circle D Lights)Manufacturer of Lighting Equipment Products and Electrical Junction Boxes.
National MarkerManufacturer of Signs and Warning Equipment.
Newtex IndustriesManufacturer of Gloves.
North American SignalManufacturers of Emergency Lighting Equipment for Vehicles.
NuplaManufacturer of Industrial and Fire Tools and Equipment.
Occunomix InternationalManufacturer of Safety Vests and Apparel.
Onguard IndustriesAn ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturer of Industrial Shoes and Protective Clothing.
Pacific Reflex Signs (Firefly)Manufacturer of Helmet Marking Products.
ParatechManufacturer of Air Bags and Specialty Fire Ground Tools.
Paulson Manufacturing Co.Manufacturer of Eye Protection Products.
Pelican Products, Inc.Manufacturer of Hand Lighting Equipment.
Perfex Corp.Manufacturer of Grass Brooms.
Performance Advantage Co.Manufacturer of Mounting Brackets and Systems.
PGI, Inc.Manufacturer of Hoods and Wild Land Fire Clothing.
Pigeon Mountain IndustryManufacturer of Rescue Rope and Specialty Tools and Equipment.
POK Firefighting EquipmentManufacturer of Nozzles and Water Transfer Equipment.
PyramexManufacturer of Eye Protection and Industrial Head Protection.
R & B Fabrications, Inc.Manufacturer of Safety Vests, Trauma Bags and Equipment Storage Bags.
Radians (Carolina Safety Sport)Manufacturer of Safety Vests and Apparel.
Rae SystemsManufacturer of Hazardous Gas Detection Equipment.
Ringers GlovesManufacturer of Extrication and Industrial Gloves.
RKI Instruments, Inc.Manufacturer of Air Monitoring Equipment.
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Scott Health and Safety

Safety & Training Video’s.

Manufacturer of Air-Paks and Air Supply, Filtering and Monitoring Products.

Scotty Inc.Manufacturer of Portable Foam Fire Fighting Equipment and Nozzles.
Sellstrom Mfg. CompanyManufacturer of Industrial Safety Equipment including Hard Hats and Eye Care Products
Signal Vehicle Products, Inc.Manufacturer of Vehicle Lighting and Warning Equipment.
SimulaidsManufacturer of Rescue Randy and CPR Training Equipment.
Smith and WarrenManufacturer of Badges, Name Bars and Insignias.
South Park CorporationManufacturer of Butterfly Valves, Adapters, Mounting Equipment and Fire Department Tools.
Southern Vehicle Products (Signal)Manufacturer of Warning Light Equipment for Vehicles.
Standard Railway Fusee (Orion)Manufacturer of Chimfex and Highway Flares.
Stearns, Inc.Manufacturer of Floatation Equipment, Ice Rescue Suits, Raingear and Sporting Apparel.
Steel Grip, Inc.Manufacturer of Industrial Gloves.
Stevens CompanyManufacturer of Tank Preserver and Specialty Liquid Products.
Streamlight, Inc.Manufacturer of Hand Lighting Equipment.
Stryker MedicalManufacturer of Emergency Patient Transport Equipment.
Super Vacuum Mfg. CompanyManufacturer of Smoke Fans and Ventilation Equipment for Fire Department and Industrial Uses.
Superior Signal Co., Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighter Training Smoke.
Swift First AidManufacturer of First Aid Equipment and Supplies.
T-N-T Tools, Inc.Manufacturer of Specialty Rescue Tools.
Task Force Tips. Inc.Manufacturer of Nozzles and Water Transfer Equipment.
Team Equipment, Inc.Distributor of K12 Rescue Saws and Equipment.
Tele-Lite, Inc.Manufacturer of Vehicle Lighting Equipment and Generators
Tempest Technology Corp., Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighter Ventilation Equipment.
Tempo Glove ManufacturingManufacturer of Firefighter Hoods and Gloves.
Topps Mfg. Inc.Manufacturer of Nomex Jump-Suits and Specialty Clothing.
Trace Analytics, Inc.Manufacturer of Air Quality Tests and Air Testing Agency.
Turtle PlasticsManufacturer of Compartment and Floor Matting.
U.S. Foam, Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighting Foam.
Underwater KineticsManufacturer of Handheld Flashlights.
United Plastic FabricatingManufacturer of Fire Apparatus Water Tanks.
Unity Mfg. CompanyManufacturer of Lighting Equipment for Vehicles.
Vizcon, LLCManufacturer of Safety Cones and Warning Equipment.
Waterous CompanyManufacturer for Midship and Portable Water Pumps.
Whelen Engineering CompanyManufacturer of Vehicle Lighting and Warning Equipment.
Will-Burt CompanyManufacturer of Lighting Towers.
Wing Enterprises, Inc.Manufacturer of Little Giant Multi-Purpose Ladders.
Wolf PeakManufacturer of Industrial Safety Glasses.
Work Area Protection Corp.Manufacturer of Highway Construction Signs and Traffic Products.
W.S. Darley & Co.Manufacturer of Pumps and Skid Units.
WYKManufacturer of Hazardous Material Spill Cleanup Products.
Zak ToolManufacturer of Firefighter Hand Tools.
Zephyr Industries, Inc.Manufacturer of Firefighter Tools and Mounting Brackets.
Ziamatic Corp.Manufacturer of Air Bottle Brackets, Cabinets and Specialty Fire Products.
Government Regulatory Agencies
U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Agency
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Fire Protection Association