Wildland Firefighting

Wildland Firefighting Gear

Welcome to our comprehensive Wildland Firefighting Gear collection, where safety meets durability to equip the brave men and women who stand between nature’s fury and our communities. We understand the rigorous demands of wildland firefighting, which is why we have curated a selection of the highest caliber equipment designed for the unique challenges faced in the line of duty.

Protective Clothing

Our protective clothing range offers cutting-edge apparel engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, all while offering maximum mobility and comfort.

  • Fire-Resistant Shirts and Jackets: Designed using flame-resistant materials to protect against heat and embers.
  • Wildland Pants: Reinforced fabric protecting lower limbs in high-risk environments.
  • Gloves: Offering both protection and dexterity for handling equipment.
  • Boots: Rugged footwear with heat resistance and superior traction for rough terrains.

Hand Tools

Our hand tools are crafted for efficiency and endurance, giving firefighters the edge needed to manage wildfire scenarios.

  • Pulaskis: A versatile tool for chopping and trenching.
  • Fire Rakes: Effective for cutting through debris and undergrowth.
  • McLeods: A two-sided blade for raking and scraping.
  • Shovels: Designed for digging and cutting fire lines.