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    The Rescue Auger is just as it sounds - tough. The auger stands out when on duty in rescue red. The Rescue Auger is to be used in grain bin/elevator rescue situations. If a person is trapped under grain, the Rescue Auger is used to auger out grain quicker than scooping to quickly free the trapped victim. The Rescue Auger should be used with a grain rescue tube. Once the tube is secure around the victim, the Rescue Auger can be placed in the tube and quickly expel the unwanted grain. Weighing only 26 lbs, the Rescue Auger is powered by any power drill. The Rescue Auger can expel grain at 1.5 bushels/minute. Easy to use with a variety of grain - corn, wheat, milo, soybeans - the Rescue Auger is a necessity for any, and every, rescue department. The Rescue Auger is patented - U.S. Pat. No 9139372.
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    Task Force Tips Res-Q-Rench is designed to work with rocker lug handline and supply line couplings and is the only folding spanner that will work with most 4" (100mm) and 5" (125mm) Storz locking couplings. With its integrated carbide tip window punch, the Res-Q-Rench can quickly pop out windows during vehicle extrication. The heavy-duty seat belt cutter makes short work of vehicle seat belts and other web materials. The Res-Q-Rench easily pries open windows, props doors open, has an integrated residential gas valve shut-off and oxygen bottle wrench. Each wrench weighs 0.3 lbs ( 0.1 kg) and weighs  8.75 lbs (3.968 kg).
    Premium Web Cutter Belt cutter is to be used in emergency evacuations where speedy removal of the straps is required. Many states require that all school buses have at least one belt cutter on board for quick strap cutting and removal. It is also recommended that any paratransit vehicle have a belt cutter on board for emergency removal of the wheelchair securement straps including the occupant seat belts.
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    • Piston-actuated for stabilizing vehicles in seconds!
    • Automatically re-adjusts and locks during operations.
    • Can be positioned completely under and parallel to rocker panels to avoid trip hazards and stabilize both side-to-side and front-to-back.
    • Super compact! Leaves storage space for other vital equipment.
    • Taller than most step-chocks. AC-13 (Formerly AC-14): 13 inches AC-17: 17 inches
    • Lightweight! Made from high-strength aluminum. AC-13: 14.5 lbs AC-17: 23.5 lbs
    • Easily decontaminated.
    • High max. load capacity per AUTO CRIB-IT! AC-13: 2000 lbs AC-17: 2800 lbs
    • Sold in sets of two
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    The 1st Watch WaveBarrier Inflatable is an all-new low-profile inflatable PFD with a unique neoprene collar for comfort and durability.  The 35 lb. buoyant cell folds quickly and easily into the durable 500 denier cover.  The unique Wave Barrier Flexi-Wing design affords the wearer enhanced in-water performance with higher freeboard and improved flotation angles - self righting the wearer in under 5 seconds.
    • Available in manual inflatable (Type III) or automatic inflatable (Type II).
    • Color:  Black
    • Sizes:  Universal Adult
    • Approval:  USCG Type V with Type III (Manual), Type II (Automatic)
    Please note colors shown of red and grey no longer available.
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    Ajax Extrication Tomahawk

    Ajax Tool Works, Inc's EXTRICATION TOMAHAWK works as 10 tools in one.  Features include a hardened point for breaking glass, making purchase points in laminated glass, tire punching and making strut insertion point in body of vehicle.  It also features a pry bar for making purchase points in doors, hood and trunk seams for hydraulic tool insertion;prying off hatch and trunk gas struts; and as a gas shutoff valve wrench.Use the flat surface for hammering in cribbing and wedges or for striking surface for driving point into objects.  Additional features include a glass notch/antenna remover.
    • Hardened point for breaking glass, making purchase points in laminated glass, tire punch, making strut insertion point in body of vehicle
    • Laminated glass saw
    • Beveled plastic cutter
    • Large Trim puller, spanned wrench
    • Gasket puller
    • Beveled Edge for removing trim
    • Pry bar for making purchase point in door, hoo, and trunk seams for hydraulic tools insertion. Prying off hatch and truck gas struts, Flat surface for hammering in cringing, wedges or sticking surface for driving point into objects
    • Glass notch, Antenna remover
    • Valve stem puller
    • Designed by Rescue Innovation LLC Patent No. US 669.3315
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    An industrial-duty, rechargeable, portable lantern featuring LED technology for high brightness. Choose high mode for more light or low mode for longer runtime. The Power Failure System is An industrial-duty, rechargeable, portable lantern featuring high brightness, long runtime and reliability. The integrated power failure circuitry automatically illuminates the light when the power goes off.
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    The AS-1100 Anti-Exposure Flotation Suit is the ideal solution for mariners venturing out in harsh conditions.  Pre-curved, articulating knees and elbows allow the suit to move with your body, while super soft flotation foam pairs with a fleece-lined collar, hood, and pockets to ensure a warm, comfortable fit.  Integrated suspenders allow for a customized fit, while tapered seams, wrist/ankle cuffs, and gussets prevent water penetration.  A high-visibility stowaway hood and integrated SOLAS™ Tape provide exceptional reflectivity in emergency situations, and an integrated head support keeps the wearer safe from water ingress.
    • Color: Red/Black  or Hi-VisYellow/Black
    • Sizes:  S, M, L, XL, or 2XL
    • Approval:  USCG Type V UL approved.
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    • Specially designed to work with Genesis ram devices to minimize the risk of slippage during use
    • Each support has three base mounts for the ram to push from, allowing a shorter ram to make a wider opening
    • Available in two sizes
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. 
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    Dangers on mining and excavation sites range from falling rock and debris to heavy machinery hazards, which led to the development of the unrivaled DM Hybrid™.
    • Extreme protection for critical impact points on back of hand and fingers
    • Combines patended Hexagonal Memory Gel with patent pending Ripple Grip
    • One piece, enhanced synthetic leather increases durability while providing full dexterity
    • 3-D Design TPR on back of hand and fingers for maximum impact protection
    • Reinforced saddle for extra layer of Kevlar between thumb and forefinger adds protection and padding to this typical wear point
    • Kevlar thread palm stitching for added durability
    • Reflective Hi-Vis for hand visibility
    • Perfect glove for underground mining, heavy construction, oil/gas refining, drilling, tool pushing, extracting, fracting, barrel drum handling, demolition and any job where vibration and impact is present.
    • Sizes: Medium, Large, 2XL, 3XL
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    The Survivor features a low-profile bezel that doesn’t interfere with gear and equipment and provides four lighting modes. The clip securely grabs onto gear, and the D-ring allows your light to hang forward. Class 1, Div. 1 rated!
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    Popular with firefighters and others who need first responder stabilization tools, the Hybrid Crib is the new standard in light application plastic cribbing blocks. This block has two surfaces in one crib: Pyramid design securely interlocks; the “Lincoln log” style sides allow for additional stability and multiple stacking configurations for vehicle extrication cribbing.
    • Product Unit Weight: 2.7kg/6lbs.
    • Light duty capability.
    • Perfect for stabilizing cars and smaller equipment.
    • Lanyard on one side of block.
    • Has a specific interlocking top/bottom pad for extra protection of stack.
    • Working Load: 20,500 kg/45,194lbs.