Quantitative & Qualitative Fit Testing

Per OSHA 1910.134, all filtering face pieces and or respirators that rely on a mask-to-face seal need to be annually checked either qualitatively or quantitatively to determine whether the mask provides an acceptable fit to a wearer.

The qualitative fit test procedures rely on a subjective sensation (taste, irritation, or smell) of the respirator wearer to a particular test agent while the quantitative uses measuring instruments to measure face seal leakage.

The relative workplace exposure level determines what constitutes an acceptable fit and which fit test procedure is required. For negative pressure air purifying respirators, users may rely on either a qualitative or quantitative fit test procedure for exposure levels less than 10 times the occupational exposure limit. Exposure levels greater than 10 times the occupational exposure limit must utilize a quantitative fit test procedure for these respirators. Fit testing of tight-fitting atmosphere-supplying respirators and tight-fitting powered air-purifying respirators shall be accomplished by performing quantitative or qualitative fit testing in the negative pressure mode.

Services available:

(Please note: These services may not be available in your area)

  • Quantitative testing on a variety of facepieces
  • Qualitative testing utilizing a variety of test agents.
  • Data logging of results for employees or firefighters utilizing Software for Quantitative Fit Testing
  • Documentation of results provided in various formats for your files as well as the database being maintained at our location for added security and back-up.

There are three types of Quantitative fit testing that OSHA recognizes. These types are: Ambient Aerosol Nuclei Count (CNC), Generated Aerosol and Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP). In short, each one of these types of tests use a digital instrument that measures vacuum pressure or airborne particles found inside and outside of the test respirator.

By utilizing a method of quantitative fit testing, you can be confident knowing that your employees or fellow firefighters are wearing respirator facepieces that fit properly.

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