Fire Rescue & Ventilation Saws & Kits

We Offer A Variety of Rescue Saws

Clarey’s Safety Equipment sells a variety of fire rescue and ventilation saws including the popular K12 Rescue & Ventilation Saw. All of the rescue saws that we offer are top of the line and are built to cut through a variety of building materials such as wood, residential roofing, sheet metal and more.

Powerful, Dependable & Easy to Start

All of the rescue saws we offer at Clarey’s Safety Equipment are built for rescuing purposes.Our 4 most dependable rescue saws are the K12 Rescue & Ventilation Saw, the Super Pro V3 Ventilation Saw, the Super Vac SVC3 Power Pro Cutoff Saw & the Tempest Ventmaster Saw.

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This saw features a powerful 95cc 2-cycle gas engine with a 14″ circular saw.
Other rescue saws can be found at the bottom of the page!
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Why Purchase Your Rescue Saws From Clarey’s Safety Equipment?

Selling Fire Equipment Since 1968

Clarey’s Safety Equipment has been in the Fire Safety industry for nearly five decades. We only sell the industries best equipment and we strive for the delivery of excellence in the products we sell to our customers.

K12 Rescue Saw

k12 saw
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Pro V3 Ventilation Saw

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Power Pro Cutoff Saw

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Tempest Ventmaster Saw

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