Clarey’s Safety Equipment Services

Our service department strives to achieve a single mission:

“To offer our customers knowledge and confidence in their products.”

Whether you purchased the product from Clarey’s Safety Equipment or from others, we stand behind our mission.

Are you looking for quality work at a reasonable rate? Much of the equipment we distribute is technical in nature, which requires Clarey’s Safety Equipment to staff well-trained and knowledgeable people. Due to the number of years we have been in business (Est. 1968) and our volume of service, we have been able to work out low rates from our suppliers for our valued customers.


Anyone can offer you a service. Just remember that at Clarey’s Safety Equipment, we offer not only knowledge and confidence in our products, but also the professionals that perform the highest quality work, all at affordable rates. See below for a list of the services we provide and do not hesitate to contact us via online or by phone at 800-558-8009 with any questions or to set up a service visit today!

Air Monitoring Calibration & Repair Services

Through our Air Monitoring and Gas Detection services Clarey’s Safety Equipment can help you with replacing or repairing your air monitor or gas detector sensors, batteries, tubes, filters, regulators, chargers and more.

We offer both full service and self service help. We can also help you with properly selecting an air monitor that is best for you as well as training you on how to properly use the equipment.

Clarey’s Air Monitoring/Gas Detection Services


Air Compressor Services

air compressor serviceAt Clarey’s, our professional licensed technicians have been trained in working with air compressors and have extensive knowledge on the subject. All of our technicians are also certified in a number of areas including air quality testing, compressor service and more.

Services that Clarey’s Safety Equipment offer include but are not limited to air quality testing of your air compressors as well as maintenance and service.

Air Compressor Services


Air Pak Services

Air Pak ServiceThe Clarey’s Safety Equipment Air Pak Service Department is here for your self-contained breathing apparatus service needs. We staff only the best factory trained technicians and have two mobile service units available at all times.

Our professionally trained staff can also help you with knowledge and training of your Air Paks, hydro testing of your cylinders/visual eddy, fit testing and much more. We service multiple types of Air Paks including NXG2, Air Pak 50 and Wire Back Frame.

Air Paks Services


Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire-Extinguisher-servicesNeed your fire extinguishers serviced, recharged, tested or replaced? Clarey’s staffs certified fire extinguisher technicians with the knowledge and expertise to handle any of your fire extinguisher needs.

Services that Clarey’s offer include but are not limited to assisting in selecting the proper size and placement of your fire extinguishers, recharging and hydro-static testing and training you and your staff on how to properly use and maintain your fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers Services


First Aid Services

first aid servicesWhether you are looking for first aid service, a first aid program installation or just maintenance on your current program, Clarey’s Safety Equipment can help.

Every business is different when it comes to the necessary first aid and safety supplies needed for their working environment. We are here to provide you with whatever you need whether it is simply first aid knowledge and literature or even more in depth needs such as products and safety equipment.

First Aid Services


Hose Repair & Recoupling Services

hose repair and recoupling serviceThere is no better place to send your damaged hose and/or couplings. Why? Because Clarey’s Safety Equipment will re-use your couplings if at all possible and repair everything at the most affordable rate to you.

What exactly can we do for you when it comes to your damaged hose or couplings? We can re-couple your existing hoses, replace defective couplings, replace hose gaskets and expansion rings and so much more.

Hose Repair & Recoupling Services


Quantitative & Qualitative Fit Testing Services

quantitative fit testing serviceQuantitative & Qualitative Fit Testing is the most reliable method when it comes to testing to see if your respirator and/or SCBA face pieces are not only fitting correctly but also working correctly.

Clarey’s offers quantitative fit testing on a variety of facepieces as well as data logging of the results and documentation of the results. Make sure your firefighters’ and/or employees’ equipment properly fits them with our Quantitative Fit Testing Services!

Quantitative & Qualitative Fit Testing Services 


Rescue Tool Services

rescue tool serviceBecause you never know when you are going to need to utilize your hydraulic rescue tools to save lives, you need to be sure that your tools are always in proper working condition.

Clarey’s offers comprehensive hydraulic rescue tool inspection and maintenance of all tool brands.

We also have used tools available for those departments on limited budgets or that just need an additional tool.

Rescue Tool Services