Heroic firefighters regularly risk their lives to protect their neighbors and communities from harm. Some risks they take are unavoidable and simply part of fighting fires; others are within our ability to control using innovative safety equipment. They should never be at risk due to the latter.

Unfortunately, too many firefighters face continued exposure to carcinogens in the line of duty despite the available remedies. A recent multi-year study showed that firefighters have higher rates of certain types of cancer than the general population due to frequent occupational exposure to contaminants.

Now is the time if you are not already taking steps to reduce this risk posed by contaminant exposure. INNOTEX® GRAY™ products, available at Clarey’s, are specially formulated to reduce the risk of exposure without sacrificing air permeability.

Speaking of permeability, certain areas are more prone to exposure to contaminants. INNOTEX® GRAY™ prevent exposure in these areas, including:

  • Head and neck, where an extra large bib and industry-leading particulate barrier form an impressive shield.
  • Wrists, where the particulate barrier extends all the way to the end of the knit wristlet instead of only protecting to the end of the sleeve-well.
  • Waist, where an internal storm band is equipped with elasticized edges and a no-gap hook and loop enclosure to ensure it stays in place.
  • Pant closure, using state of the art materials backed by extensive tests to keep smoke out of this particularly vulnerable entry-point.

Every exposure counts; don’t delay to ensure you have the protective equipment you and your department need. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo.