Team Take Heart

Team Take Heart’s vision is to raise community awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through best-in-class training and education of basic life support skills.

Our accredited Medic/First Aid training methodology builds the confidence needed for an individual to take action in the event that a medical emergency should occur.

We partner with our clients to implement Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs, build emergency response teams and safety protocols.

With more than 45 years of experience, our clients can take comfort in knowing that they have prepared in advance for a medical emergency.

Give a Gift Save a Life

  • Engage with the Community to Build Heart Safe Communities
  • Educate the Public About Sudden Cardiac Arrest ( SCA)
  • Implement and Maintain Public Access Defibrillation Programs
  • Train and Educate Life Support Programs Certifying Adult/ Pediatric/ Child/Infant
  • Instructor Driven Classes – Approximately 4 to 5 Hours
  • Blended Certified Education Implementing Technology on Line with Skill Check by Instructor
  • General Awareness Education CPR/AED
  • AED Specialists/ Comprehensive Product Line
  • Data Tracking AED’s / Pads and Batteries
  • Best in Class “Full Service Safety Product”

Please take a look at the training courses that Clarey’s Safety Equipment has to offer by clicking here! You can sign up for any training courses we offer by clicking here! Also, don’t forget to checkout our AED specials which you can find below or by viewing our AED’s & AED Supplies.