You see it everywhere you go these days; on signs, on sheets of paper, social media posts and more.

Now Hiring”.

The turmoil of the pandemic and resulting economic disruption has resulted in a labor shortage for a wide variety of businesses in Minnesota and throughout the nation. Employers are looking for any edge they can get to attract and – just as importantly – keep talented employees on their payroll serving their customers.

Wages, benefits and other perks will always play a major role in attracting dependable workers, but many of today’s workers are looking for a job with meaning that goes beyond dollars and cents. As an employer, investing in the best available safety equipment can send the message that you are the type of employer who values your employees as people and care about their quality of life all the time – not just when they are on the clock.

Show Your Workers How Much You Value Their Wellbeing

Whether you are outfitting a firefighting crew, providing fall protection
for construction workers or purchasing a first-aid kit for a factory floor, investing in the top-of-the-line safety equipment is an investment in goodwill that also makes sense for your bottom line.

You will be sending a message to your employees that their safety and comfort matter. Employees who feel safe and have peace of mind are more likely to be productive and be loyal to you. It is always cheaper to keep existing workers than to train new workers.

Reducing potential safety hazards and heading off injuries can also result in reduced workers’ compensation insurance rates and lessen the likelihood of being fined by OSHA or similar state-level entities for safety violations.

Remember: don’t think of your purchase of safety equipment and supplies as an expense; think of it as an investment in your workers and your business.