Fire Hooks

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    The MAXXIMUS REX Forcible Entry Halligan Bar is nearly 2 lbs. lighter than the Pro-Bar Halligan.
    The MAXXIMUS is the next generation of Forcible Entry Bars.  It is the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar.  The Maxximus has a unique T.P.R. grip for a sturdy handle while using this tool.  Other features include a depth gauge on the Adz and the Fork to eliminate guess work. Works on both locks and doors.
    • One piece drop forged forcible entry tool
    • Made of 4140 chrome vanadium steel
    • A completely "tuned" Halligan
    • 2-3/4" wide Adz for gapping doors
    • Rex lock pulling feature on both fork and adz
    • Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces
    • Thinner Fork and Adz than any bar on the fire market
    • Depth gauge markings on both Adz and Fork
    • Molded thermoplastic rubber grip to lessen slippage
    • Protective insulation to 24,000 volts (Electric cars range from 600-700 volts)
    • Standard 30-inch length.
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    K-Tool and R-Tool

    • Both models are designed to pull all types of lock cylinders from glass or solid doors.
    • The R-Tool is for larger locks and the K-Tool is for smaller locks.
    • Constructed of high alloy steel with sharp leading edges on both blades to allow the tool to bite into the lock cylinder.
    • The loop on the tool will accommodate the adz or fork end of any standard forcible entry tool for leverage to pull the cylinder from the door. Then the key tool can be inserted into the lock cylinder hole to move the bolt to the open position.
    • This kit includes an instruction manual and leather storage pouch.
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    Fire Hooks Firemaxx

    • One piece drop forged and heat treated with self-extinguishing celtex grips
    • Axe, hammer, spanner wrench, windshield cutter, rappelling ring, gas shut-off, water shut-off, battery disconnect, dry wall cutter, forcible entry, hinge remover, pry bar, storz latch opener and hood remover
    • 26” length
    “14  in 1” features in a one piece tool
    • Axe
    • Hammer
    • Spanner Wrench
    • Windshield Cutter
    • Rappelling Ring
    • Gas Shut-Off
    • Water Shut-Off
    • Battery Disconnect
    • Dry Wall Cutter
    • Forcible Entry
    • Hinge Remover
    • Pry Bar
    • Storz Latch Opener
    • Hood Remover
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    Manufactured to conform to the majority of elevator manufacturer's access keys. This set is on a large jailer's ring for easy storage and use. Keys are hard anodized in gold color plate to resist rust
    • Volt resistant key with 5,000 volt resistance
    • Swing door access key
    • Rib "T" style key
    • Vandal proof access key
    • Large half moon key
    • Small half moon key
    • Adjustable drop key
    • Side exit key
    • "Z" key round stock
    • Knife key with "T" handle
    • Shove Knife
    • Kerry key