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    Avagard™ D Instant Hand Antiseptic provides fast, effective bacterial kill without being hard on skin.

    Avagard™ D Instant Hand Antiseptic is uniquely formulated to be non-drying and non-irritating to skin, even with multiple daily use. Emollient-rich formulation helps prevent skin break down and has shown to improve hand hygiene compliance when included as part of a multi-dimensional program.

    • Broad-spectrum activity kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains (in vitro)
    • Proven efficacy - meets CDC, AORN and WHO Guidelines
    • Helps prevent skin breakdown.
    • Dries quickly without leaving hands sticky
    • Compatible with CHG
    • Recommended for repeat use
    Available as a single 16.9 ounce bottle or a case of twelve.
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    3M DBI SALA Exofit NEX Fire and Rescue Harness

    Original price was: $534.60.Current price is: $427.68.

    Aluminum back and front D-ring harness top assembly, Repel nylon web, comfort padding, with Kevlar fiber web removable bottom seat assembly, quick connect duo-leg configurations, fixed front waist strap, A-frame with sliding D-ring and aluminum pompier hook, ventral D-ring, left side closure (size Medium).

    ExoFit NEX harnesses are the most advanced harnesses in the industry. They’re the culmination of our experience with ExoFit and ExoFit XP, ongoing research and the incorporation of new materials and innovative features. True to our NEX mission, we manufacture these harnesses using materials that won’t add unnecessary weight for ultimate comfort. When speed and efficiency are project requirements,

    ExoFit NEX will provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential. Finally, ExoFit NEX harnesses are designed using materials that last. Get into the best, the ultimate comfort, function and durability harness, ExoFit NEX

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    3M DBI SALA Shockware 2 100% Tie-Off Rescue Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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    6 ft. (1.8m) double-leg 100% tie-off with elastic web, snap hook at center, D-rings for rescue and steel rebar hooks at leg ends.

    ShockWave 2 shock absorbing lanyards incorporate a unique stretchable design. It offers complete freedom of movement while reducing trip fall hazards, dragging or snagging by expanding to 6 ft. (1.8m) when taut and automatically contracting to 4-1/2 ft. (1.4m) in reaction to the worker’s movements.

    The design is lightweight and provides added comfort and safety. The unique inner core begins to extend and absorb energy once subjected to a fall, and limits the fall arrest forces to safe levels. A built-in impact indicator provides easy visual evidence if the shock has been involved in a fall. All DBI/SALA  lanyards incorporate our patented self-locking snap hooks which are widely recognized in the industry for their user friendly operation and are preferred by safety professionals and workers alike. Specifically designed to allow you to open and connect the hook without getting your thumb or fingers in the way - even with gloves on

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    When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. DBI-SALA has an extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems with decades of proven field service. Safety engineers and site directors trust DBI-SALA for the type of high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most. Our aluminum tripods are extremely lightweight and portable, easily set-up by one worker and can be transported from one location to another. They can accommodate a variety of winches and fall arrest devices and feature locking legs, simple detent pin style adjustment, quick-mount mechanical device bracket, safety chain and specialized feet to prevent movement. Our mechanical systems are legendary and have decades of proven field service and have operated flawlessly in some of the most demanding jobsites around the globe. The mechanical device is one of the most critical parts of the rescue system providing the means to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety. Lifeline type and length are just a few of the options.
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    3M Gas Vapor Cartridges

    • NIOSH approved for protection against certain organic vapors
    • Swept-back design allows an enhanced field of view and comfort
    • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M half and full facepiece designs
    • Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs
    • Use with 3M™ Reusable Respirator
    • Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs
    • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M half and full facepiece designs
    • Simple installation and usage requirements reduces training requirements
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    3M™ 504 Respirator Cleaning Wipes are designed to clean the surface dirt and deposits from a used half or full face respirator. When a respirator has been used for a brief period or has remained relatively clean during use, the 504 Wipes are an easy, convenient way to wipe off the surfaces and prepare the respirator for storage and use on the next occasion it is needed.
    • Pre-moistened towelettes for hygienically cleaning reusable respirators
    • Alcohol free and individually packaged in sealed sachets
    • Used Benzalkonium Chloride - a quaternary ammonium compound as a sanitizer
    • 100 wipes per box and five boxes per case
    3M Scott offers multiple 40mm cartridges and canisters for wide range of protection and applications: NIOSH-APR applications: utilize HE/P100 Cartridge, MPC PLUS, or Enforcement Cartridges NIOSH-PAPR applications: utilize HE/P100 Cartridge, MPC PLUS, MPC 40PFand Enforcement Cartridges NIOSH-CBRN-APR and PAPR Applications: utilize the CBRN cap-1/Canister
    • Protection for CBRN response
    • 40mm thread enables air-purifying and powered air purifying use
    • 5-10 year shelf life, depending on cartridge
    • Free Access to SureLife Cartridge Calculator tool for assistance with cartridge selection and service life estimator
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.
    Over the years, breathing air cylinders have been providing SCBA users with a supply of fresh air. The original cylinders were made of steel and quite heavy. But today, advances in technology have enabled cylinders to become much lighter and less burdensome to the SCBA wearer. Scott offers a complete assortment of cylinders to meet the needs and demands of all SCBA users, from aluminum cylinders for infrequently used SCBA to carbon-wrapped cylinders for daily use. In addition, 3M Scott offers cylinders rated at 5500 psig (an industry first), which are available in 30', 45', 60' and 75' durations. To complement our cylinder offering, Scott offers several solutions to help prevent damage and improve durability of the cylinder.
    • Carbon and Aluminum
    • 5500 psi, 4500 psi and 2216 psi
    • Custom Logo I.D. Bands
    • Protective Sleeves / End Caps
    • 30-year Life Cylinders
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

    The 3M Scott E-Z Airline respirator offers ideal protection when extended wear times are required in non-IDLH environments. This supplied air respirator provides comfort and protection in a variety of industrial applications. As a Type C positive pressure respirator, the E-Z Airline supplied air respirator can be used with various lengths of Scott supplied air hose for a combined total of up to 300 feet.

    • Type C positive pressure respirator for non-IDLH environments
    • Ideal for use where extended wear times are needed in environments that are not immediately dangerous to life or health (non-IDLH), such as painting, plant maintenance operations and welding
    • NIOSH approved with Scott’s AV-2000, AV-3000, AV-3000 with SureSeal System, AV-3000 HT, Scott Sight and Weld-O-Vista full facepieces
    • Available with Hansen, Schrader, Hansen HK, CEJN and Foster fittings
    • Can be used with various lengths of Scott Supplied Airline Hose, for a combined total of up to 300 feet
    • EZ-Flo Regulator with Modulair™ Quick Connect option enables easy removal when needed
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.
    The 3M Scott Mobile Air Cart is a compact portable air source that accommodates two cylinders, providing an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to four users for several hours (by rotating cylinders). It also has a high-pressure inlet source that allows the use of a compressor or cascade system as the primary air source. Scott’s Mobile Air Cart can accept 2216, 4500, or 5500 psi cylinders in 30, 45, 60, or new 75-minute duration. Also available are two optional independently regulated ports for tools or other low pressure devices.
    • Portable, lightweight air supply with large wheels and a low center of gravity for ease of mobility and maneuverability
    • Loud, pneumatic whistle end-of-service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low cylinder pressure
    • High Pressure Inlet Supply Connector provides the ability to utilize a high-pressure supply such as a compressor or cascade system
    • Easily accessible Connections for ease of operation and ease of use
    • Fail-Safe -Open, Sealed regulator on respirator supply side for dependable, reliable adjustment of outlet pressure
    • Optional tool supply outlets with Checked Tool Supply Outlets provides the ability to supply up to two air powered tools while preventing cross contamination of respirator manifold
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.
    The Monitor / Monitor Pro puts critical real-time responder SCBA information at incident commander's fingertips. Designed for use on modern, touch-enabled PCs, this easy-to-understand air management solution allows the company officer or team leader to see air, PASS and EVAC data available while establishing and maintaining command. Additional alert notification-high flow or no flow condition at full-alarm PASS-provide incident command with enhanced situational intelligence to guide critical decision making. Monitor's / Monitor Pro's automated design complements existing accountability and incident command SOGs without the burden of additional work.
    • Works with all 3M Scott Air-Pak SCBA equipped with SEMS II and SEMS II Pro
    • Automatic Acceptance of devices at base station
    • Alert View for quick recognition of the most critical information
    • Touch Friendly interface for enhanced usability
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.
    Locate a trapped or downed first responder within a single or multi-story structure quickly and safely with the Pak-Tracker locator system. Available as a stand-alone system deployed with or without an SCBA or integrated into a 3M Scott Air-Pak Fifty or Air-Pak NxG2 SCBA. The rugged, simple to use system functions on the principle of 2.4GHz RF signal strength received and is an invaluable additional tool for search and rescue operations.
    • Hand-held receiver can monitor and scroll up to 36 personal transmitters
    • Utilizes three visual and audible indicators to direct the searcher to the victim(s)
    • Easy-to-use, glove-friendly, push button operation of both personal transmitter and hand-held receiver
    • Automatic or manual activation of personal transmitter or automatic activation of integrated system upon SCBA air activation
    • High-intensity LED lights indicate battery power and signal strength
    • Location distance of greater than 900 feet line of sight (300 meters)
    • Based on directional 2.4GHz RF signal strength received from the transmitter
    • Lightweight personal transmitter for individual use, can be clipped on turnout gear or worn on person or integrated into 3M Scott SCBA
    • Lightweight hand-held receiver, just 2.2 pounds
    • Available with accessories including desktop or truck charger
    Please note due to territory restrictions - this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.